Why Attarintiki Daredi Bigger Than Baahubali

Why Attarintiki Daredi Bigger Than Baahubali

Baahubali is the biggest motion picture of Indian cinema history. It has collected nearly 436.1Cr (approx.) gross worldwide and created a new history in Tollywood. But, this led to a war between Prabhas fans and Pawan Kalyan fan. Prabhas fans are claiming that their Hero’s movie collections are double than the precious Industry hit ‘Attarintiki Daredi’.

This has raised the nerves of PK fans and they started claiming that If Baahubali has collected 239.9CR Share so far from around the world including all the four languages of its release, then “Attarintiki Daredi” has collected 374.4 crores of share from Telugu version alone. Now tell which film is bigger than whom?”


But Normal filmgoer is unable to understand the logic of PK fans. So, a PK fan came out with explanation, Baahubali is made in the budget of 250Cr and Attarintiki Daredi’s budget is mere 50 crores. As the budget of Baahubali is 5 times more than Attarintiki Daredi, if we multiply the total collections of Attarintiki Daredi i.e., 74.88Cr with 5, the collections would have ended up at 374.4Cr which is far ahead Baahubali’s telugu collections alone i.e., 160Cr only. But anyway, we can’t change the original facts and figures with these logical conclusions.

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