What’s Behind NTR Meeting Nara Lokesh?

What’s Behind NTR Meeting Nara Lokesh?

Nandamuri Family is supreme in tollywood. Three generations of heroes are entertaining telugu people.At the same time Nandamuri-Nara family have very much influence in telugu states. NTR is the legend for both films and politics. Even Nandamuri family have very near relation with Nara’s, all members not maintains good relation because of some issues.

But when situation needs all hands at one place, family will becomes one. Recently this happened in Nara Lokesh Home. NTR along with his wife Pranathi met Lokesh-Brahmani recently to congratulate couple on giving birth to a boy. Nandamuri couple saw baby boy and felt happy over his cute looking face, leaving all past incidents spent jovial time with sister’s family.

What's Behind NTR Meeting Nara Lokesh?

After Tarak met his brother-in-law immediately rumors had spread like he was going to tie relation with TDP again. But hero’s close aid had given statement to scorn off unwanted rumors. NTR participated in 2009 election campaign for TDP, but party not came into power. After the political changes, time demanded Nara Lokesh to focus high, even Balakrishna given full support to this. Being Harikrishna’s son young tiger not accepted this to avoid him and his brother Kalyan Ram. So he stayed away from campaign for 2014 elections.

But now situation is different. Entering a new baby into life is a happiest situation in every family’s life.Forgetting all, meeting the couple and wishing them on the happy moment is a kind of good nature. So Tarak did this and proved that he have good heart and respects family.

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