Venu Madhav fires on Heroes

Venu Madhav fires on Heroes

Comedian Venu Madhav who is not appearing on screen from long back and not getting offers like before,He is going through a bad phase.There are many rumors on this aspect that why is he not appearing all of a sudden without any reason,The reason in the minds of the people who spread the news is that he is having a big disease which is not letting him to do movies further.Venu Madhav fires on heroes and says like this…

Recently Venu Madhav gave an interview by putting an end to these rumors in which he said that he is on diet,if hero become thin he is on diet but if a comedian become thin then he is having disease,extending this he said that Tollywood heroes and he reportedly said that height doesn’t decide a actor performance and it helped him in many times.

He says that he earned so much by being short which is not earned by many heroes who are short,yes venu madhav said truth height doesn’t matter a person’s performance matters,even Bramhanandam,great actor Surya who has huge fan following are short in height.Now the topic is who are the heroes commented him and made him irritated.

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