Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie Review Rating – Kamal Hassan

Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie Review Rating – Kamal Hassan

Legendary hero Kamal Haasan’s latest movie ‘Uthama Villain’ overcome all the problems and ready to release on May 1st 2015. Padma awardee himself acted in dual role for own written story and done job of screenplay. After ‘Vishwaroopam 2’, ace actor put blood and brain on this project to fulfill his duties.Ramesh Aravind directed this one, N. Linguswamy and Kamal are producers, pictured under Thirrupathi Brothers and Raaj Kamal Films International (RKFI) are combine banner. Eros International owned distribution rights for Rs.50 crore budget movie. In Telugu states C.kalyan owned rights to distribute.

Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie Complete Cast & Crew

Kamal Hassan’s most awaiting movie Uttama Villain,comedy-drama film clouded with high expectations,releasing worldwide on May1,2015 which is directed by Ramesh Aravind.This story is written by kamal hassan himself and presented in association with N.lingusamy and produced by S. Chandrahasan for Raaj Kamal Films International and N. Subash Chandrabose for Thirrupathi Brothers.The classical film’s director k.viswanath and one of the best director Padma Shri k.Balachander plays cameo roles in this film.The music and background score of this film is composed by M. Ghibran in special appearance, cinematography by Shamdat and distributed by Eros International.The cast in the film includes kamal hassan,Jayaram, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja Kumar, Nassar, Parvathi, Parvathy Nair and Urvashi.The Budget for the film is 50 crore(in Rupees).

Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie Audio Review and Trailer Talk

Uthama villain movie music was composed by young music director M. Ghibran and this film is 3rd film of M. Ghibran and kamal hassan’s combination.viswaroopam,viswaroopam 2 and Uthama villain movies music are got good response from music lovers.M. Ghibran has totally 9 songs composed for this movie.First song Lavve Lavva song sung by Kamal hassan himself and this song is the best attractive song from this Uthama villain movie audio album.third song Thandhanatthom,fourth song Srushiti Niyamam and fifth song these four songs sung by Kamal hassan himself.Uthama villain movie background music (BGM) is the special attraction for this movie.

Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie unit has released back to back trailers of uthama villain and this trailers has got good response from the movie lovers.Kamal hassan also acted in different different roles in this movie . Defiantly this movie will be the eye feast for kamal hassan fans.This movie ready to hit the big screen worldwide on May 1st 2015.

Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie Review Rating - Kamal Hassan

Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie Story Line

Story is related to two different generations of a man. first half will be about present life. Kamal Hassan is a famous actor and dancer in the story. Hero owns lot of fans, and a cute family. he maintains to fallow regular activies, but once came to know about his previous birth. This is a long time ago nearly centuries back time. At that time also the hero is dancer at a kingdom. Some of cruel persons at king plays some politics against dancer results his demise.

After getting full information about flashback, than content turns into present situation. He asks famous director Balachander to make a movie on his own story, pleads creator to direct his dream project. Was director agreed for Kamal’s proposal, what made hero to know about previous birth, how he died in last time are the suspense in the story. Please watch movie in theater to break kink.

‘Uttama Villain’ fulfilled dream of Kamal to act with late director Balachander, and Vetaran person K.Vishwanath. This is last film of Kamal’s introducer. Jayaram, Urvashi, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja, Nassar,Parvathy Nair, Parvathi acted in main roles. Ghibran composed super tunes for dance oriented story. A playback voice of ‘Uttama Villain’ words pronounce style and tune itself proves about his work. Shyam Dutt used new technology in capturing scenes. Leaving matter of money, producers used talent of experts from Hollywood and foreign experts of the particular departments to shot.

Some of Hindu and other religious organizations protested against ‘Uttama Villain’ and demanded to ban the movie. Some went a step ahead by filing petitions in courts, but judiciary responded positively towards Kamal and given green signal to release.

Uttama Villain movie Censor Report 

Kamal Hassan’s Dream project Uthama Villain has recently completed the all censor formalities and got Clean U Certificate from CBFC board with out any cuts. Uttama villain movie is a clean family entertainer.This movie will be ready to release in more than 1800 theaters worldwide.Telugu rights over taken by producer c.kalyan.

Unknown Facts About Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie Director Ramesh Aravind

  • Ramesh Aravind is very close friend to Kamal Hassan
  • He started his film career with Sundara Swapnagalu Movie in the year of 1986
  • His first direct telugu movie is gunnam gangaraju’s little soldiers movie
  • He acted as main lead role actor in more than 32 films.
  • Total 4 films was directed by Ramesh Aravind
  •  Ramesh Aravind acted with kamal hassan in 5 films
  • Uthama villain is second film in the combination of kamal and ramesh
  • Rama Shama Bhama is the first film of Ramesh Aravind as a director

Highlights of Uthama Villain (Uttama Villain) Movie

  • Uttama villain movie story was written by Kamal Hassan himself
  • Kamal hassan’s second film with director Ramesh Aravind
  • Director Ramesh Aravind has come up with this movie After 6 years
  • Legend directors k.balachander and k.viswanath acted in this film
  • Director k.balachander’s last film
  • Kamal hassan played in two different roles
  • Uthama villain is a sociao fantasy movie
  • Music director M. Ghibran’s Background Music (BGM)

Plus Points

  • New Kind of story line
  • Kamal hassan Acting
  • Background Music
  • Interval before scenes
  • Cast and crew
  • New kind of Climax

Minus Points

  • Some Lengthy Scenes
  • Common audiences very hard to understand the screenplay
  • Some dragged scenes in first half

Final Word

No one can’t beat Kamal Hassan Movies,Perfect one uthama villain

Rating  3.25/5

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