TRAI delights TViewers

Telecom Authority Regulatory of India ad cap regulation limited the airing of ads to 12 mins for an hour which is a bit disappointing thing for Regional channel who earn more amount on commercials,they went to court on this issue as the revenue decreases due to deceased ad time.

TRAI delights TViewers as they will be happy to see a movie without ads as lengthy ads disturbs,News Broadcasting Association (NBA)while speaking with media filed a petition and said that TRAI rules were not practical “We have been saying this since the beginning that implementing the ad cap is not possible until we get the benefits of digitisation,” NBA member said.

TRAI delights TViewers
Good news for TViewers

Anyway the News Broadcasters are disappointed about this as there is Unfriendly environment at present,it will show impact on some movies as the TV channels can’t buy the satellite rights at high price and even the movies which get revenue on the satellite rights.Satellite market will go down and the people depend on it will suffer.Finally no lengthy ads between movies is a good news who opt watching movies in small screen.



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