Top Hero Revels Samantha Gym Video

Top Hero Revels Samantha Gym Video  

It’s common for heroines to concentrate on their figure which makes them earn big offers and act with top heroes. Most of the heroines follow special diet and workouts to keep themselves fit and look sexy. They manage their own works hiring a physical trainer to keep the flesh in the right parts and in right amounts.

Anushka who is a yoga teacher practices yoga regularly which makers her fit. Tamannah is into aerobics and jogging to maintain the curves in her body. Kajal has been hitting the gym on regular basis to maintain her sexy assets.

Talented actress Samantha did not concentrate much on all these activities till date and now she felt that it’s time to hit the gym and shape up her body. Samantha has recently joined a fitness centre in Hyderabad where top heroes like Nagarjuna work out regularly. Nagarjuna has taken this to tweet “Wow Samantha !! Welcome Samantha to our fitness club…way to go Daniel(our trainer).”

Apart from this Nag has also posted a video of Samantha’s work out in the gym and she has been found lifting 45.5kg (93.5 pounds) for five times. Samantha has decided to curve up her figure into more sexy avatar says sources.

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