Top Director Acid Attack on Famous Heroine

Top Director Acid Attack on Famous Heroine

One of the very less known film industries in India is Bhojpuri Film Industry, is famous for its movies which are story driven and the actors highly accolade for their stellar performances on-screen. Now it is in news for a bad incident which took place recently.According to the reports, the news is a director has attacked an upcoming heroine with acid.

Rupali is the victim and the Ajay is the culprit. Rupali has accepted an offer to act with Vikas (A Bhojpuri hero) but her decision was not liked by a director, Ajay, who is very close to her. Ajay suggested Rupali to drop out of the project and to stay away from Vikas.However, Rupali neglected Ajay’s words and continued to work with Vikas.


Ajay is very angry about Rupali and was seeking to take revenge against Rupali for her acts. One day,When Rupali and Vikas were in a college to take part in the film’s shooting, Ajay came there with an acid bottle and attacked them. But luckily, Ajay has managed to get out of this attack safely but Rupali could not. She was severely injured and is in critical state. Ajay had escaped. Police filed a case and are in search of Ajay.

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