Top Actress like Orphan on Roads

Top Actress like Orphan on Roads

Yester actress Nisha is currently suffering with AIDS and facing worst situations of her life,she is the one who acted with top heroes like Kamal hassan and Rajanikanth.

Nisha who got entered into Tamil movies 30 years ago has even romanced with Star heroes of Tamil like Rajinikanth and Kamal hassan.After 30 years she is in a position that she is left out as an orphan on roads where all flies and mosquitos surrounded her.

Nisha Actress Aids

Her photos of the barbarous situation are making hulchal on What’s app,Faceboook and Twitter.National Human Rights Commission got alerted and put up the orders to Nagapattanam District collecter and Police Superintendent to take care of her.People who have seen her on silver screens are going ultra shocked with the pictures of this actress.

Top Actress like Orphan on Roads is said to be a bad part about film industry where they should show some courtesy towards her.Not only Nisha but so many actors are there who struggles a lot with their problems but no one will help them,the fame,craze and drama will be on screen but off screen the scene will be different.

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