Top 5 Unknown Facts About Baahubali Movie

Top 5 Unknown Facts About Baahubali Movie

Rajamouli’s magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ is getting ready for first part release. It is expected to hit screens on July 15th. Creator SS is increasing curiosity with serial unveilings of film characters.Two and half years ago when the day shooting started it self he planned a parallel schedule of production and promotion. In applying his thought director get succeed with capturing chances like Comic con and making videos other tricks. Here after all these trails not only rebal stars and Telugu audience but also the whole India is awaited to see how Jakkanna’s dream project will be.

‘Baahubali’ had many specialties some of them are known to everyone, we are presenting interesting facts which all didn’t heard till now.

Top 5 Unknown Facts About Baahubali Movie

 For the first time Rajamouli shot the whole project with Digital Camera by using Arri Alexa XT Technology.

 Film shot for Two years. In this period Prabhas and Rana molded their body according to need. That means for some scenes he weight nearly 100 kg and for few shots they also lose weight heavily.

 Experts from all industries including Hollywood worked for this big project.

 From 17 VFX studios nearly 600 graphic designers and artists worked many days in day and night double shifts to give extraordinary visual output.

 Anushka, Thamanna and Rana done their other projects along with this one also, But Prabhas and Rana didn’t concentrate on other movies.

Not only these, ‘Baahubali’ had many surprises and specialties all will be revealed only after movie release.

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