Tollywood Heroines Remuneration 2014

Tollywood Heroines Remuneration 2014

Tollywood Heroines Remuneration 2014

Generally in past not in old movies time but in recent there is no scope for heroines in movies,but now heroine oriented movies has craze.Tollywood heroines raised their remuneration that much which is equal to small heroes remuneration,its is quiet comparable as small heroes only called like that but do a lot of work.Coming to the credit of a movie,after the success of a movie generally the credit goes to heroes if its a big hero film.Now after the work done by Rajamouli it is noticeable that a director  is the one who is the main pillar of a movie success,coming to heroines generally share is by performing well or with their glamour.For big films they may take less compared to the hero but for small film they wont hesitate to demand much than the heroes remuneration.Even for item song which is of 5mins they may charge huge amount.


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The heroine who created history with her "Arundathi" realized film industry people that Heroine oriented movies can do well if it is technically good.Even Anushka is the asset of the movie with her mind-blowing action.There is no doubt that her remuneration is high compared to other heroines,anushka charges 2-3 crores and for Rudramadevi it is 2.5cr.

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