Swetha Basu’s Startling Cliff

Swetha Basu’s Startling Cliff

Swetha Basu’s Startling Cliff

Swetha basu's startling Cliff
Swetha basu’s startling Cliff

Swetha Basu Prasad who is well known as Kottha Bangaru Lokam heroine now if searched on Google the starting links will be shown about her Prostitution issue where she caught at Banjara Hills.After she came out from Rescue home she reportedly  said that her Grand father died while swetha was in Rescue home due to all the issues revolved around her and she was unable to attend the Funeral Ceremony.

Poets generally have skills to write and they get inspired by their inner talent,But some poets evolve out of their situations,Swetha who stayed at Rescue home wrote a poem about her sadness and feelings which is titled ‘The Cliff‘.Lets see Swetha Basu’s Startling Cliff.

”Thunderstruck, all alone, I stand here at the edge of the cliff./ I crawled the dense forest to get here/ The tribes and wild and strays./ They say ‘Jump, jump from the cliff.’/ As I look down, naked, cold and trembling,/ the ferocious sea I see with its mouth open/ It’s ready to swallow me./ The noises are unbearable/ the place so dark. / As I decided to jump in the sea I saw the North Star./ I remembered how it shone above my blessed home/ where singing hugging and laughter awaited me/ I said, ‘Wait I want to go home.’/ The voices murmured, ‘End the journey.’/ ‘Jump! Jump you ugly thing.’/ I smiled to them and pitied them,/ They don’t know I have wings.

As she wrote this and let it out she said not to misuse this ““It should not seem as if I was suicidal or something. I chose to fly and rise above it all, you know.” she Clarified.As her Documentary on Indian Classical Music has been paused she will start that again.


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