Super Star of Bollywood 10 years of jail

Super Star of Bollywood 10 years of jail ?

Twists in the Salman Khan Hit and Run Case are still going on in a great drama mode.It is still reaching peaks more than an anticipated Drama bazz from a normal masala bollywood film.A Forenisc expert confirmed the alocohol content found in Sallu Bhai’s blood is really double than normal mode.

After the Hit and Run case he has under gone with a test in the year 2002 in order to found the alcohol percentage in his body at the time of incident.The permissible level of Alcohol content in blood is 30mg while Salman had 62mg as per the reports confirm.Salman khan though facing various reasonable cases against him Witnesses are really strong for this case while Salman’s lawyer is opposing that he didnot ride the car on the incident day.

12 Years back in a Car Ramming into a bakery Salman khan Car killed one person sleeping on the road and hit four others to their wake on September 8th 2002.Until Salman ‘s case is decided , he will be living with the Damocles sword hanging over him….no wonder he does not want to marry….Afterall, who would like his wife n kids to see them behind bars?

So the super star of Bollywood will be Behind the bars soon ? If the case is concluded and result raised against to Sallu Bhai he has to face  minimum of 10years in Jail.

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