S/o Satyamurthy First (1st) Weekend Collections

S/o Satyamurthy First (1st) Weekend Collections

Allu Arjun Trivikram Srinivas’s latest combination movie S/o Satyamurthy running successfully in all centers. Movie bagged hopeful figures in first three days from release. On Sunday all theatres of Telangana and Andhrapradesh gained Rs.4 crore. In A class centers audience are responding according to expectations. In B and C areas also fans are showing positive result. First three days movie owned super magic numbers but movie facing real test now. After three days and weekend is over, now in regular days collections will prove movie strength and stamina of story.

Even Trivikram hopes about his story, distributors had fears of low collections. They mainly afraid of un- expected rains may trouble expected hit movie. Both Telugu States are affected heavily with un-seasonal rains. Distributors are in a fear that rains may stop audience to come for theatre.

S/o Satyamurthy First (1st) Weekend Collections

Trivikram’s celluloid released with high expectations. But, in fact to say it not reached the target because of regular story mode and also losing Director’s fresh flavor. These both led the movie to run slowly.Audience were saying that Trivikram not failed but not reached expectations.

Nizam: Rs 7.27 cr.

Ceeded: Rs 3.56 Cr

Uttarandhra: Rs. 2.10 Cr

Guntur: Rs. 1.93 Cr

East: Rs. 1.60 Cr

Krishna: Rs. 1.45 Cr

West: Rs. 1.37 Cr

Nellore: Rs.76.10 Lakhs

AP+Nizam Total: 20.04 Cr.

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