Shankar I Ai Movie Review & Rating – Vikram, Amy Jackson

Shankar I Ai Movie Review & Rating – Vikram, Amy Jackson

Cast: Vikram, Amy Jackson,santhanam

Director: Shankar

Producer: Aascar Ravichandran, D. Ramesh Babu

Music Director: AR Rahman

Cinematography: PC Sreeram

Editing: Llewellyn Anthony, Gonsalves

Back Ground Music: AR Rahman

Written By: Shankar,Subha

Distribution Company: Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd

Production Company: Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd

CBFC Rating: U

Movie Run Time: 186,189 Minutes (Telugu, Tamil)

Movie Release Date: January 14th, 2015

Vikram & Shankar I Ai Movie Review & Rating:

Shankar‘s I (Ai) the most awaiting film In the year of 2015.Recently I movie facing some releasing problems issues but finally all the problems has been cleared by Aascar Film Pvt.Ltd and the production company Aascar Film Pvt.Ltd announced the release date of I (Ai) officially.Now the I (Ai) Movie ready to hit the big screen world widely on January 14th pongal.

Vikram & Shankar I Ai Movie Youtube Records:

I (Ai) movie before the release creates many sensations and records in the YouTube.First I (Ai) movie team was released the I (Ai) Teaser on youtube on October 30,2014 In Telugu Tamil and Hindi Languages.In telugu I (Ai) teaser gets 3 lakhs views,In Tamil  I (Ai) teaser gets 5 Lakhs views finally in Hindi I (Ai) teaser gets More than 5 lakhs views.

Three weeks Back I (Ai) movie team officially Releases the  Theatrical trailer on Decmber 8th 2014 and In tamil I (Ai)  Theatrical trailer gets 12 Lakhs views,Two weeks back In Telugu I (Ai) movie team releases the theatrical trailer on December 26th and In telugu I (Ai)  Theatrical trailer gets 10 Lakhs views,Two weeks back In Hindi I (Ai) movie team releases the theatrical trailer on December 26th and In Hindi I (Ai)  Theatrical trailer gets 18 Lakhs views.Totally I (Ai) movie theatrical trailer gets more than 40 Lakhs views. I (Ai) movie unit releases some song promos into youtube and this song promos views also crossed 20 Lakhs mark.By counting All I (Ai) movie Teasers,Theatrical trailer and Promo songs youtube views I is the first south film to get viewed by 5 Million people and it was first movie for getting 1 Crore views to the Teaser.

Vikram & Shankar I Ai Movie Basic Plot:

Ai/I , It was directed by Shankar and it was produced by Aascar Ravichandran under the Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd. Music composed by Oscar Winner AR.Rahman. Cinematography handled by PC Sreeram while editing handled by the Llewellyn Anthony, Gonsalves. It was written by Shankar and shuba. Movie scheduled for January 14th,2015 Worldwide release.

Ai/I movie sets up huge expectations to audience in all the industries, as the technical team and the production values that has been put in the film made it more interesting to the audience.Cinematography handled by PC Sreeram done a grate job with his camera work.A R Rahman’s music is also a great plus for the movie, the music of the album turned into chart busters in the iTunes. Vikram will be shown in 3 roles in the film. One is Lingesan who aims to win MR.Tamil Nadu title, the other one is the modern character and the last character is Hunch Back which is the most important character in the film. Vikram has lost 25 kgs to play Hunch back role and he gained 50 kgs of weight to play beast character in the song “Ennodu Nee Irundhaal – Nee Jathaga – Tu Chale”.This is the perfect example for Vikram’s dedication and passions towards the films.Most beautiful actress Amy Jackson is the female lead of the film.

I Ai Movie Pre-Release Business:

I/Ai movie budget almost crossed 180 cores and I/Ai movie is the first Indian high budget movie.Ai/I movie ready to hit the big screens on Pongal.This is the very big plus point to Ai/I movie producers,so there is so many chances for the best openings on first day in all centers.the advance bookings for the movie has already started in the chennai and many places in India. The movie is expected to do well in the first week and expected to earn 100 crores in the first week on it’s release.There is no good competition for Ai/I movie on pongal.Ai/I movie ready to release in more than 20,000 theaters at world wide.Ai/i movie is director shankar’s next movie after super star rajanikanth’s Robo so automatically there is so many hopes and expectations on Ai/I.Telugu rights of the movie had sold at whooping 27 crores,Last time shankar’s Robo movie right had sold 25 crores in telugu.

10 Reasons To Watch Shankar I AI Film:

1)  Director Shankar’s Amazing Direction and very good concept

2) Vikram National award winner and Too much passion about his work and dedication.Vikram’s Change Over on 4 Characters Weights around 120kgs,90kgs,70kgs,50kgs

3) Cinematography by PC Sreeram,India’s number one best cinematographer and this is the first time combination of Shankar and PC Sreeram.

4) Suspense of Ramkumar & Suresh Gopi Characters.Two big starts appeared in this movie.

5) For the first time Director Shankar tried a Different Genre like romantic action thriller movie.

6) Vikrams’s Dubbing for Hunchbag character in all languages.

 I Ai Movie First Day Box Office Collections Report

7) First Indian film for getting WETA Studios work.

8) First Indian Highest Budget movie till now,approximately more than 180 crores budget for this I/Ai movie.

9) Record breaking YouTube views first time for a south Indian film.

10) Oscar Award Winner AR Rahman Composed 6 tunes & Back ground score for this film.

Vikram & Shankar I Ai Movie Censor Report:

Ai/I , It was directed by Shankar and it was produced by Aascar Ravichandran under the Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd. Music composed by Oscar Winner AR.Rahman. Cinematography handled by PC Sreeram while editing handled by the Llewellyn Anthony, Gonsalves. It was written by Shankar and shuba. Movie scheduled for January 14th,2015 Worldwide release.Ai/I movie recently completed the Censor formalities and gets CBFC Rating Clean ‘U’ .

Vikram & Shankar I Ai Movie South India Theaters Count:

TamilNadu – 550

AP & Nizam – 750

Kerala – 232

Karnataka – 125

Total – 1,650+

Shankar I AI movie Story:

Vikram plays a role of villager. Amy (NRI) plays a role of a model. Amy comes to her birth place (vikram’s village) after 16 years, since childhood. She accidentally meets Vikram there. Situations brings them closer.


Once, Vikram admires her pics where she posed for her modeling. He himself dreams to be a model someday. Meanwhile, Amy becomes a brand ambassador for a MNC and also as a Promotional Model for Olympics, Beijing. She gets this opportunity defeating the so-called villain Upen, who was former brand ambassador for that MNC.He leaks a spam video of Amy to spoil her fame. He does a lot to it, where he gets information about Vikram and his dream too.



Amy Spoiled His dream.In a event, there comes a situation where, Upen gets spoiled by his own experiment failing him. (His own beauty gets spoiled by his attempt to spoil Amy). His anger develops much stronger. He uses his father’s chemical factory to develop a medicine to gain his beauty back.He wanted to test it with someone, where he remembers of Vikram, who dreams to be a model. He uses Vikram’s dream as an opportunity and cheats him to inject the chemical into him. He also asks Vikram to body build for better results.


Finally Vikram gets the beauty by his own experiments and becomes a good charming model.After he selected by Amy as one of the top model.After Vikram’s charming looks amy starts loving him(she already admires Vikram’s character in the beginning, which now getting into love). Vikram knows nothing about Amy’s love.

By using some chemicals vikram gets some side effects and his body entirely changed.That made him face and body worst.



After this reactions normal vikram change over to Animal vikram.His anger grows day by day on his own beauty.He also started to hate amy because he thinks she only the reasons for this.Amy is also into this chemical injection by vikram.After this how they can escaped from this chemical reaction you have to watch on big screen.

Plus Points: Shankar’s direction and story line,PC Srreram camera work,Vikram’s performance,Amy Jakson’s glamour,Background music.

Minus Points: Lengthy Screen play and running time

Technical Aspects: Amazing direction and story line by legend director shankar and grate Camera work by PC sreeram.Very good location covered in this movie.Fight masters are really awesome.

Analysis: No doubt I is the best movie in 2015 year

Final Word: I movie is the scientific romantic action thriller with fantastic visuals.Don’t miss the movie to watch In theaters.

 I Ai Movie First Day Box Office Collections Report

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