How A Senior Actress Believed Ramanaidu

How A Senior Actress Believed Ramanaidu

Ramanaidu is a man of punctuality and sincerity. The way he made payments to his actors, technicians and others proves it umpteen times. Especially senior actress like Nirmalamma who passed away in 2009 said so many things about this legendary producer. During a conversation with Naidu, she revealed the confidence she has on him, reflecting the thoughts of many actors who feel the same.

At a time when Nirmalamma is quite busy with her character roles in Telugu movies, Naidu met her at a shooting spot, and their conversation is as follows:

interesting conversation between nirmalamma and Ramanaidu

Ramanaidu: (in a humble tone) Nirmalamma garu, my production house has to pay you for three films, but you are not collecting the payment. Why are you behaving this way? What should I tell to my auditors?

Nirmalamma: Naidu, who know what’s tomorrow? And money you owe me is always safe. Keep that money with you such that you may perform my final rites at least.

Ramanaidu: Amma, who knows who will go first? What happens to your money if I leave this world first?

Nirmalamma: I don’t have to worry about that. Your kids are gems. Even if I lie, they won’t let you down!!!

That’s the kind of belief everyone had on Ramanaidu, as his payments are always prompt and genuine.

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