Sapthagiri demands huge Remuneration!

Sapthagiri demands huge Remuneration

Sapthagiri now become a crucial person for every film as his comedy entertains a lot,the craze for started from Prema Kadha chitram where in second half there will out and out comedy.

He calls Nanditha as Akka Akka and fears of her,the scenes between them turned his life and sapthagiri is now preferred after Bramhanandam he is the one who is wanted by the directors.Now Sapthagiri demands huge Remuneration.

Now this Busy comedian is busy with the offers from Big Heroes,so he is demanding huge remuneration than compared with other comedians.It is said that Hard work makes you Successful is right as he struggled for 10 years in film industry and established just now.

Can’t you He demanded 1.5 lakhs remuneration for a day and also asked for 5 thousand extra for his Makeup man expenses.

If it is Outdoor shooting then he demands 10 thousand for car and wan means the Producer have to give him 1.65 lakhs per day,just imagine if the shooting is for one week then it will be around 12 lakhs which will be a burden to the producer unless it is a Big budget movie.

Finally the film stars say that it is right to demand that much as he struggled a lot at the starting and 10 years without offers.

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