RGV Shocking Comments on Senior NTR

RGV Shocking Comments on Senior NTR

Ram Gopal Varma who is currently running in a bad phase in his career has been busy shooting for many movies. All his recent movies ended as debacles at the box-office and he is still shooting for movies on continuous pace. He has been targeting many celebrities on twitter making shocking comments against them and their films. Some of them even have become controversial because of his comments.

The recent news is that Ram Gopal Varma has watched Temper in a special screening and he has praised NTR for his performance in Temper. The interesting thing is he has compared NTR with the Legendary actor and he said that Jr NTR is much bigger than Late NTR. Here are RGV Shocking Comments on Senior NTR

I was a super fan of NTR nd I never liked Tarak but after seeing Temper I think Tarak F…ed 5 decades of NTR.

After seeing Temper I truly felt NTR himself should come back and learn lots of things from junior NTR. Junior NTR’s Temper is about temperature raising of Senior NTR …and that in a very very good way.

After seeing Temper I believe that if Junior NTR was born before Senior NTR he would have become a far bigger star than senior NTR. I rarely go to theatre bt wanna watch Temper at bramahraambha 13th mrng at 5 am fr reliving my orgasmic experience of watching Adaviramudu.

In 30 40 50’years of Senior NTR’s I dint find a single film to compare with junior NTR in Temper. If at all spirits exist Senior NTR shud come nd watch Junior NTR’s show in Bramarahmba..if he doesn’t it will mean he’s Jst jealous of Tarak.

I care a f..on TDP reacting in an ignorant way .its my right as a swatantra Bharat pourudu to shift frm senior to junior nd reason is Temper.

After seeing Temper I honestly from my heart feel that Senior NTR is a very big super Zero compared to Junior NTR. I saw Senior NTR’s Adaviramudu 17 times and I feel like seeing Junior NTR’s Temper 27!times.

Aftr Temper NTR’s vamsham wil b known as pre junior NTR and post junior Ntr nd in future Senior NTR will be known only becos of Junior NTR.

If TDP has sense it should replace senior with junior cos junior is today nd tomorrow nd senior is yesterday and day before yesterday.

No offence to senior NTR fans cos I am the biggest fan…this is just my emotional explosion after seeing Tarak in Temper.

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