Revealed Sruthi Hassan weakness

Revealed Sruthi Hassan Weakness

Most glamorous Multi talented actress Sruthi Hassan who is well known as the great actor Kamal Hassan even she started her career on his name but called as iron leg as her first movies were flop at box office,the same girl proved herself after the blockbuster hit Gabbar singh which made her not to turn back.Got offers from many top directors and acted with almost all young heroes.she gave competition to other co-actors also as she is a good dancer heroes also choose her.

Revealed sruthi hassan weakness

The first thing attracted audience is her beauty and perfect slim structure,girls feel jealous to have that.Generally the opinion of everyone about heroines is they do work outs,yoga and they take care of their health by skipping some foods which lead to over weight.But Sruthi hassan says that she don’t go on diet and eat whatever she likes to,you may think that how can she manage weight?…she says that she overcome it by doing workouts in gym.

So people who want to follow her don’t just eat all the food and do nothing,do workouts in gym and be fit like her which inspires many,Finally Revealed Sruthi Hassan weakness is that she don’t skip to eat delicious food.Coming to her movie updates she is working with Mahesh Babu upcoming film which is directed by Koratala Shiva and also appearing in Mahesh Babu‘s Aagadu in a song.Latest buzz is Ram Charan is directed by Sreenu Vytla in which he asked Sruthi Hassan to act as her heroine.



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