Resons Behind NTR Re-Entry in TDP

Resons Behind NTR  Re-Entry in TDP

Resons Behind NTR  Re-Entry in TDP

Resons Behind NTR Re-Entry in TDP

Nara Lokesh the youth icon of TDP has started TDP Membership drive in all over india,In what is being claimed as never before initiative the tdp will provide a Rs.2lakhs accident insurance for active members in the event of death and Rs.50000 depending on the severity of injuries sustained.The party would also take care of education of two children in each family in the event the head of the family lost his life.

Andhra Pradesh Cm Nara Chandra Babu Naidu was the first member to take memership followed by other senior leaders,Nandmuri Harikrishna was also presented at the event, the buzz is going around that Nara and Nandmuri family patch up are on cards.Before the election some sorts of cold war happen between Harikrishna and chandrababu.Now Harikrishna seems to be realized completely.Harikrishna renewed membership at NTR trust bhavan by attending personally,Now all eyes are on Jr.Ntr Membership.

Most of the TDP leaders and cadres started to wonder whether young tiger will take membership or not.Earlier there was rumours that Harikrishna forced NTR to stay away from party affairs now the scenario is different.The gap between two family widens  with flexi controversy on vijaywada where Ysrcp banners shown NTR photo.Even during the recently concluded Mahanadu the post did not bear pictures of any nandmuri family members other than Balkrishna.

Let see whether NTR takes TDP Membership or not.

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