Ram Charan Responds On MIDNIGHT NUISANCE

Ram Charan Responds On MIDNIGHT NUISANCE

Mega Power Star Ram Charan every time facing the problems from outside of the public.Last year creates high controversy with Software employees at Banjarahills road number 7 and now come up with New MIDNIGHT NUISANCE controversy.

The news about his ‘Dine and Wine’ party with his close friends.This new controversy about ‘Loud’ Party with IPS Officer.Ram Charan hasn’t budged to decreased the volume of his late night party’s speakers upon which a neighboring IPS officer informed police control room.

Ram Charan Responds On MIDNIGHT NUISANCE case

While sources say the case went to an extent of booking a nuisance case upon Ram Charan and his friends, Cherry has finally opened up on the incident. Taking it to his Facebook, Ram Charan offered a clarification.Here is the Ram Charan Responds On MIDNIGHT NUISANCE –

“Wonder how a simple family dinner at my home is being is made out to seem like a loud bash.. We respect our neighbors and most of all their privacy. I’m sure that now all speculations can be put to rest.”


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