Patas (Pataas) Movie Review Rating – Kalyanram

Kalyanram Patas (Pataas) Movie Review Rating – KalyanRam

Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram,Shruti Sodhi

Director: Anil Ravipudi

Producer: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram

Music Director: Sai Karthik

Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari

Editing: marthand k venkatesh

Back Ground Music: Sai Karthik

Written By: Anil Ravipudi

Distribution Company: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Production Company: N.T.R. Arts 

CBFC Rating: A

Movie Run Time: 141 Minutes 

Movie Release Date: 23 January 2015

Patas (Pataas) Movie Review Rating : 

Kalyanram‘s Patas (Pataas) movie is the most awaiting film In the year of 2015.Recently Patas (Pataas) movie facing some releasing problems issues but finally all the problems has been cleared by NTR Arts Banner and the production company NTR Arts Banner announced the release date of Patas (Pataas) movie officially.Now the Patas (Pataas) Movie ready to hit the big screen world widely on January 23rd.

Patas (Pataas) Movie Review Rating YouTube Records:

Kalyanram Patas (Pataas) movie teaser has officially released on November 28, 2014 In Telugu Language only. Kalyanram Patas (Pataas) movie teaser almost gets more than 5 lakhs views till date and Kalyanram Patas (Pataas) movie trailer  has officially released two weeks back on January 1st,2015 In Telugu language only. Kalyanram Patas (Pataas) movie trailer almost gets more than 10 lakhs views till date.After considering this you tube views tollywood fans are early waiting for Patas (Paatas) movie.Kalyanram Patas (Pataas) movie trailer gets good response from the audience.

Patas (Pataas) Movie Review Rating Basic Plot :

Kalyanram’s Patas (Pataas) movie is the most awaiting film In the year of 2015.Recently Patas (Pataas) movie facing some releasing problems issues but finally all the problems has been cleared by NTR Arts Banner and the production company NTR Arts Banner announced the release date of Patas (Pataas) movie officially.Now the Patas (Pataas) Movie ready to hit the big screen world widely on January 23rd.

In Patas (Pataas) movie Kalyanram acted as powerful police officer character.This is the second time to kalyanram played police officer character before kalyanram done police officer character In Hareram movie.Patas (Pataas) movie trailer has released into two weeks back on January 1st 2015.In Patas (Pataas) movie trailer some dialogues are make us very fun. Specially Posani krishna murali’s dialogue in Patas (Pataas) movie trailer “Jai Jagadapati Raja gopal Thanks for your pepper spry” and Kalyanram’s dialogue “Chattaniki Kanipinche Moodu simhalu Neethi,Nayayam,Dharamam ithe kanipinchani aa Naalugo simhamee…..Police ahhh.. (Srinivas reddy dialogue)“.These dialogues are impressed alot the telugu audience.

Specially one song in Patas (Pataas) movie one song “Maa Devudu Nuvve ayya” also gets very popular in music and FM channels.In Patas (Pataas) movie kalyanram character looks different comparing to his all other movies.Kalyanram played as a bad police character in this movie and this movie is Full length comedy action entertainer.As per reports Patas (Pataas) movie first half story line is same as Balakrishna’s Lakshmi Narasimha movie.

Patas (Pataas) Movie Pre-Release Business:

Patas (Pataas) movie budget almost crossed 25 cores this much of budget is very high for kalyanram market but the movie makers are very confident about this movie.Patas (Pataas) movie unit ready to release this movie on January 23rd and Patas (Pataas) movie release date in USA is January 22nd.

As per the internal source Patas (Pataas) movie is the first block buster movie in 2015.Almost 1200+ theaters are ready to release the Patas (Pataas) movie.In overseas  Patas (Pataas) movie releasing almost 100+ theaters.Anyway this is the biggest release in kalyanram’s career.Last time kalyanram lost almost 20 crores with his OM movie now Kalyanram confident about this movie.

Patas (Pataas) Movie Censor Report :

Kalyan Ram Pataas Movie Censor formalities successfully completed by censor board and get A certificate As the movie is filled with some extra spices including action, the censor board has tagged it with ‘A’ (Adults Only). Reportedly, the board has also cut away the dialogue “Lagadapati Raja Gopal! Thanks for your pepper spray!” from the movie and many more scenes are deleted from Kalyan Ram Pataas Movie.

Patas (Pataas) Movie Censor Cut Scenes :

Recently This Patas movie completed censor report and gets some cuts for this film.After watching this Kalyan Ram Patas Movie censor officials who have also suggested several cuts.Patas runtime is 141 Minutes.Here is the Kalyan Ram Patas Movie Censor cuts Scenes.

Kalyan Ram Patas Movie Censor cuts Scenes

Kalyan Ram Patas Movie Censor cuts Scenes

During the end of the trailer, Posani Krishna Murali comes with pepper spray and says “Jai Jagadapati Ramgopal, thanks for your pepper spray.”The dialogue impressed many but the sad part is it also comes under censor chopping and many more dialogues are censored in Patas movie here is the list of Kalyan Ram Patas Movie Censor cuts Scenes.

7 Reasons To Watch Patas (Pataas) movie:

1) This is Kalyanram’s Second Innings in Movies.

2) This movie Dedicated to Kalyanram’s brother Janakiram.

3) Junior NTR Voice Over for Patas (Pataas) Movie.

4) Some dialogues in this movie about Balakrishna.

5) Ultimate comedy.

6) Interesting Title Song (Maa Devudu Nuvvenayya)

7) Balakrishna,NTR,Kalyanram there are playing police characters movies in this year.


Patas (Pataas) movie Theaters List :

AP & Nizam – 890

TamilNadu – 124

Karnataka – 98

Other – 150

Overseas – 100+

Patas (Pataas) movie Story :

In this movie kalyanram acted as corrupted police officer character.Dialogue king Saikumar acted as senior strict police offer and role of Kalyanram father character.character. Kalayanram doen’t like police officer job but the pressure of saikumar kalyanram joined into police department without his good interest.

Kalyanram decided to take revenge on his father and always tries to create disturbance to his senior officers cum dad Saikumar by helping villains but he have his own mind of sincerity revels it later.Other side heroine sruthi sodi played as young journalist character.Kalyanram loves and tried to impress heroine.


Comedy is one of the best plus point in this movie.All comedians did very well in this movie Kalyan Ram likes challenges in this film that shows some energetic dialogues. One of Political villain entered in to Kalyan Ram’s life after that his life changes in to trouble. How Kalyan Ram takes revenge on him and how he delivered powerful dialogues is the rest of the story.

Patas (Pataas) movie Plus Points :

NTR Over Voice

Kalyanram’s performance as a police officer … Really super

All Comedians Comedy especially MS Narayana Comedy goes peaks

Sai kumar dialogues

Songs Specially Maa Devudu Nuvve Ayya

New angle in kalyanram in dance wise

Balakrishna Photos in Song.Fans really happy for that

First half full comedy

Interval Bang bang

good Sentiment scenes



Patas (Pataas) movie Minus Points :

Second half little bit drag but no problem


Technical Aspects:

New Director Anil Ravipudi did very well and showed his entire talent in direction..Defentaly he has good future in his film career.
Cinematography Sarvesh Murari did a grate job with his camera.
Dance steps really looks good new dance angle in kalyanram career
Songs locations and settings are really well


No Doubt…Patas is the First Block buster hit in this year 2015

Final Word:

New Angle in Kalyanram….Good Movie

Rating : 3.75/5 (If you like  our review please share it on facebook etc)

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