Nithin Indirect satires on Pawan Kalyan ?

As we all know that young actor Nithin was a hard core fan of Pawan kalyan. In Chinnadana Neekosam audio function he said he got sucess after 12 flops when pawan kalyan releases his Movie “Ishq” audio and praises him. After Ishq Sucess Nithin started using Pawan kalyan’s name to grow up in film industry and started uses his songs, dialouges in his movies.

This time he comes with the poster of pawan kalyan in Gopal Gopala saying special thanks to pawan kalyan at the beginging of the Movie (Chinadana neekosam) which was released yesterday on the eve of christmas.

Nithin Indirect satires on Pawan Kalyan ?

Comming to the story, in a pub scene he uses a song of pawan kalyan’s film for that song nithin dances with ‘gay’ people. Some fans enjoy this scene while other fans feel that this song was insulting pawan kalyan and hurting their fans.

After that they resemble that nithin was crossing his limits by imitating pawan kalyan by using his name. “If he had respect then he should not do misue his songs by these type of acts” ,they added.

While other fans are supporting nithin that this was a part of entertainment and there was no wrong in that. However we have to wait and see how pawan kalyan reacts for this incident.

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