NBK Lion Movie Live Updates

NBK Lion Movie Live Updates

–Balayya In hospital 1 and half year in coma
–Staring scene In hospital
–Kota entry as chairman of balayya’s companies
Balayya ceo
Archana entered
. Fight simple nice..dialogue kummadu am not revealing….

Bhagavathgeetha Yuudaniki Mundhu Vinipistharu…Chachina taruvatha Vinipistharu…Bhagavathgeetha Mundhu Vintavaa Leka Taruvatha Vintavaa ?

special mention BGM arupulu mani sir…
First song Anaganaga…Steps simple and grace nice
comedy scenes started with Ali good

Lion movie review

Trisha entered

Flash back started. Movie pace is good. BGM is superb

Hero looks very good

second song aisa ambani…peppy dress looks very suitable to balakrishna

Movie entred into action/drama mode…grate twist can’t revel the suspense

posani entered as police

cant reveal suspense FB with apte
Dhol baja song nice costumes of hero and heroines

Interesting scenes going… cant reveal good so far

twist super…Rain fight started

Over the 1st half … All songs and fights are very good.. Completely a romantic Thriller and a Interesting twists in first half.Background Music (BGM) is very good and so powerful in first half.Over all First half is super Hit….. Wating for 2nd half

second half updates:

Prakash Raj entered as politician…pradeep ravath also..action scenes are going on

Extraordinary screenplay..

Dialogues on Srikrishna devaraayalu awesome

Pilla nee kallaku unna katukemoo Super song Started….Grate dance momnets by balayya babu

CBI -bala officer investigating a case

Cigar In mouth and blue dress fight terrible scenes in this movie

screnplay based movie

Indraja entered as a special officer …Movie Mode is very good

Very nice Pre Climax

Nice Climax Scenes

Full Story and screenplay based movie Its very nice…please don’t expect legend type elevation scenes..you will be thrilled…SuperHIT

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