Naughty Side of Senior NTR

Naughty Side of Senior NTR

Everyone have two sides of faces. From front side all may be good or bad but from in other way no one can’t promise how they would be. One can be see everyone, but no one or else only some people can see other side of a person. Here we are discussing about senior NTR, who is a symbol of tollywood and icon of telugu people. Legendary hero came from a small village, but earned Crores of fans with acting.After film’s he had entered into politics and brought revolutionary changes in united Andhra Pradesh.Whole country surprised with his victory, proved common man’s power to the parliament.

Before footing into public life, Taraka Ramarao entertained audience with his audience. This brought a lot of fans craze to him. NTR is suited for lord Krishna, Lord Rama and other god’s character. All imagined gods in him and done prayers when he appears on screens. At the same time Ramarao proved as a romantic hero of Tollywood First Generation. He acted in many family stories with enough romance and naughty things.

Here we are giving some of Naughty songs of NTR, ‘Aakuchatu Pinde Tadiche…’ from ‘Vetagadu’ movie. ‘Adavi Ramudu’ film’s ‘Aaresukoboi Paresukunnanu Hari..’ song, ‘Adi Okato Number Bus…’ song of ‘Bobbili Puli’. These songs shown hero’s other angle. He mesmerized with simple acting and entertained with Naughty songs.

1. Aakuchatu Pinde Tadiche

2. Adi Okato Number Bus

3.  Aaresukoboi Paresukunnanu Hari.

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