Mahesh Babu New Conditions for his Next films

Mahesh Babu New Conditions for his Next films

Super star Mahesh babu has grate following in tollywood. When mahesh babu starts a film first he checks the movie story,director,team and his remuneration if these all are in correct way then he will sign to do a new film but now mahesh babu putting new conditions for his movies.This conditions will be applicable from his next movies.The new conditions are the total movie budget will not cross more than 40 crores and the movie should be completed in four schedules.

Mahesh babu putting this conditions because of his present movie 1 nenokaddine movie.This film directed by Sukumar.This budget has almost crossed 50 crores and started before 6 months back. Mahesh really irritated with Nenokaddine director and his team members.So he decided to putting this new conditions from his next movie.

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