I Know what to do with Akira – Renu Desai

Renu Desai in her expressing everything interview that has got released on her birthday eve gave away all the secrets with Pawan Kalyan and his life style.She even sobbed at most of the time.When the Interviewer asked about Akira’s Debut with Ishq Wala Love Renu said she has faced appraisals as well as ons with his debuting.

There are lot of people who criticized her for not considering an age for Akira and made his debut into movies.”I Didnot make him work for daily wages.He is my own kid and i has all the right to bring him down to what he is capable of.

He even loved to work for my movie and he is apt for that role even.Iam the mother and i know that to do with my children.Those who make comments why just they dont understand a Mother’s Heart in this perspective? ” Said Renu Desai in her Interview.



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