Kanchana 2 Aka Ganga (Muni 3) Movie Review Rating

Kanchana 2 Aka Ganga (Muni 3) Movie Review Rating

 Kanchana 2 Aka Ganga (Muni 3) Movie is a comedy horror movie and this Kanchana 2 (ganga) movie was directed by famous dance master Raghava Lawrence.Ganga Movie is sequence of super hit movie Kanchana.This movie produced by Telugu movies famous producer Bellamkonda Suresh. Kanchana 2 (Ganga) movie distribution rights taken by Sun Pictures.Ganga mvoie cinematography work done by Rajavel Olhiveeran.Music composed by 4 music directors Leon James,C.Satya,S.S Thaman and Ashwamithra.Main Leading starers are Raghava Lawrence,Taapsee Pannu,Nithya menon,Renuka and Kovai sarala.Kanchana 2 movie is ready to release worldwide on 17th April 2015 and the Ganga (Muni 3) Movie total budget is approximately 25 crores.

Kanchana 2 Ganga (Muni 3) Telugu movie preview

After tasting Serial success with Muni and Muni 2 (Kanchana) Raghava Lawrence is ready to reveal Ganga which is a sequel of Muni2. Former dance master just fallowing formulae of ‘Comedy with suspense/horror is a good combination for stepping success heights’. By the previous hit track record Ganga movie bagged expected figure with Sun Pictures distribution for their Rs. 25 Crore budget.Taapsee Pannu is acting as heroine in the place of Rai Lakshmi, Kovai Sarala playing same role in sequel Jaya Prakash leading main villain role in Ganga. On 17th April 2015 movie is releasing in Telugu, Tamil states and also in some parts of the world.

Kanchana 2 Aka Ganga (Muni 3) Movie Review Rating

Kanchana 2 Movie Audio Review

Basically Kanchana 2 (Ganga) movie a horror comedy film this movie songs composed by 4 music directors Leon James,C.Satya,S.S Thaman and Ashwamithra Vaaya Veera song is getting good response from all music lovers and the background music (BGM) is special attraction for this kanchana 2 movie and the all BGMs composed by s.s Thaman

Kanchana 2 (Ganga) Movie Censor Report

Kanchana 2 (Ganga) Movie has recently completed the censor formalities from CBFC board and gets U/A Certificate with minor cuts.Telugu movies censor board also issued U/A certificate for this Muni 3 (Kanchana 2) Movie.on 17th April 2015 Ganga (Kanchana 2) will releasing world widely. Raghava Lawrence is the director and bellamkonda suresh is the producer.Tapsi and nithya menon playing main lead role characters.

Kanchana 2 (Ganga) Movie Story line 

Coming into story.. as we were well known that Ganga is sequel of Kanchana/Muni2. So we can simply understand that a tidy man will observe by a ghost somehow. Ghost will use hero’s body to satisfy it’s revenge. A line in trailer “Aatmaku Pretatmaku Yuddham, adi choodataniki andaroo siddham” tells that the ghost will take revenge on other spirit. Generally ghost/spirits wants to take revenge on human beings but in Ganga movie a Devil will take revenge on other ghost/spirit. Means the targeted person dies before the ghost taking revenge. the ghost not leaves the person even after he/she dies.

The screen play is about how the ghost enters into Raghava’s body and how he/she takes revenge. also involves to show who is the targeted person what he did to the ghost in the past. At the same time comedy part will entertain by family members about their problems and fear with Ghost in lawrance’s body.

Trailer itself is attracting audience to theatres. Kanchana introduced the story and flavor of Lawrance mind, so that we can simply expect full length comedy along with horror. Bellamkonda’s production house put many hopes on the movie than Raghava Lawrence. Bellamkonda Believes that Dance master may bring him out from last year’s flops made financial crisis.

Unknown Facts About Kanchana 2 (Ganga) Movie Director Raghava Lawrence

  • Raghava Lawrence started his career as a choreographer in tamil movies.
  • His first telugu movie as a choreographer Preminchukundam Raa Movie (1997)
  • Worked as a dance master (choreographer) 65 movies
  • Acted as an Actor in 19 movies
  • Worked as a movie story writer for 8 movies
  • Worked as a director for 9 movies
  • Nagarjuna Mass movie is the first film of Raghava Lawrence as a director
  • Mass,Style,Don and Kanchana Movies are super hit movies in Raghava Lawrence career.
  • Worked as co-producer for Kanchana and Kanchana 2 movies

Highlights of Kanchana 2 (Ganga) Movie

  • Raghava Lawrence acted in 4 different characters
  • Comedy with Horror Suspense is always Super hit formula
  • Kovai sarala comedy timing
  • Nitya menon and tapsi acting
  • Sequence of Kanchana movie
  • Background music and story line

Positive Points :-

  • Raghava Lawrence different characters
  • Awesome BGM
  • Editor Kishore’s editing
  • Kovai sarala comedy timing

Negative Points :-

  • Weak flashback
  • pretty less gripping climax
  • slow narration
  • Movie second half pushes the film to the slower side

Final Word :-

Horror Comedy is guarantee

Kollywood Rating  :- 3.5/5



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