Item girls should be Declared Prostitutes

Akhila Bharath Hindu Chairman Naveen Thyagi is responding seriously on the ‘Item Song’ things in the Bollywood and Indian movies.He is considering those girls who are dancing for these songs in various movies for money as ‘Prostitutes’.”They wear really vexed clothes and very vulgar clothes which would definitely pour some problems in the society” Said Naveen Thyagi.

He is very prominent on this issue and declared he will be reaching the Supremecourt on the same soon.”We have already started our discussion on this and filing petition in Supremecourt to declare all the Item girls as Prostitutes so that society will abolish them”He added.On other hand Monday’s Mahasabha conducted by Akhila BHarat Hindu Mahasabha demanding the girls not to wear jeans and the Mahasabha itself declared that they are purely against to the vulgar out fit of girls these days.

These alarming statements are frequenting increasing in india from right wing group of all hues which is being sited by a Religion.Lets see if a petition is failed how Supreme Court may respond to this.


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