Isai Movie Review Rating

Director : S.J.Surya

Producer : S.Subbiah and Victor Raj Pandian

Writer : S.J.Surya

Star Cast : S.J.Surya, Savithri, Satyaraj

Music Director : S.J.Surya

Cinematography : Soundararajan

Editor : K.M.Riyas

Production Company : SS Productions

Distribution Company : ASA Multimedias

Release Date : January 30, 2015

Running Time : 190 minutes

Language : Tamil

Isai Movie Story :

Satyaraj is an established and one of the greatest musicians of his time. SJ Surya works as an assistant to him and he gets an offer to compose music for a small film. With his guru’s permission, Surya walks out and slowly he proves his talent and overcomes Satyaraj. That day, Satyaraj starts to spoil the name of Surya and the rest of the movie is about what happens next.

Isai Movie Review Rating


SJ Surya and Satyaraj have delivered their best performance as music directors.

The music of the movie is an asset along with a tough background score.

Impressive cinematography by Soundararajan.


Predictable screenplay

Slow narration

The pitch of the film drops down during the second half at times which brings a bad impact.

Final Word:

Isai is a decent film because of the lead’s performance. The movie has been impressive at times but the films dips down at parts and becomes just average because of the predictable plot.

Rating : 2.5/5

Disclaimer : This review is an option of review writer.Please do not judge the movie based on this review and watch movie in theater


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