Hurdles for Pawan Kathi Remake

Hurdles for Pawan ‘Kathi’ Remake


Top heroes who are waiting to hear a good script now a days as the story is becoming weak and repeating in the films are now in a situation to decide whether to accept or reject the story,this is trending topic in TFI where a top hero is facing this problem,Pawan Kalyan who love to do society oriented films is unable to accept ‘kathi‘ film which is based on political issues.In this film Hero Vijay fights for the Farmers whose land is taken away by the government on the name of SEZ(Special Economic Zone).

If this role is played by Pawan kalyan then TDP won’t let him to do so as it will become a headache,As this maybe the reason behind Pawan kalyan skipping this movie.Before Elections Pawan Kalyan condemned Congress party saying that they have illegally occupied Farmer’s thousands of Acres on the name of SEZ as this movie is on the same reason why he is escaping from it is the big question.

The reason behind this is the present TDP government will occupy farmer’s land to build capital in Andhra Pradesh,30,0000 acres of Farmer’s land will be occupied by the Government,If he plays the role of a person who is fighting on behalf of farmers then it will give a negative impression that why can’t he solve the same problem which is happening in Real.Hurdles for Pawan ‘Kathi’ Remake are strong,whereas talk in Film industry is that Pawan kalyan is skipping this project due to all the above reasons.

Hurdles for Pawan Kathi Remake

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