He is the man behind Samantha’s beauty

He is the man behind Samantha’s beauty

Tollywood beauty queen Samantha is a day dream for all college boys in South India. She is maintaining a super following from day one of her entry to silver screen.

Samantha is a very ordinary girl who likes daily routine and doesn’t prefer any special thing for every day to happen. She likes every day routine and maintaing it smooth and calm. With this way she has maintained her weight and figure and stood number one position till now in both Tollywood and Kollywood. But she has gained weight recently like in movie allude seenu and etc as she is reaching to her 30’s.

He is the man behind Samantha's beauty

But in order to maintain her position she is hitting gym all the time as much as she can to keep up the structure. She has been repeatedly seen in gym both in Chennai and Hyderabad lately. Even a very recent video of Samantha doing workouts was released on online.

Now days every top star has a personal trainer for maintaining the if figure and even samantha has too. He is Rajesh rajaswami who mostly stays in Chennai, is completely taking care of her health, weight and figure with exact workouts and food. With this by getting back in to shape she would be able to maintain the number one position and be competing against the new younger generation heroines that are now more likely grabbing away all the chances

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