Hansika Shocking Comments on Bathroom Video Leak

Hansika Shocking Comments on Bathroom Video Leak

Hansika has slowly grown up with her talent and she is now the top actress in Tamil. She has been signing Telugu movies but because of her huge remuneration, the makers are not that interested in casting her. Many celebrities have become the victims of video leakages and many morphed videos of the celebrities have created huge sensation all over.

The videos have become widely popular before the celebrities and the cyber crime could do something. Recently Radhika Apte’s morphed videos made rounds all over.Here is the Hansika Shocking Comments on Bathroom Video Leak

Hansika About Bathroom video

She has reacted tweeting “You guys! If you’re going to get someone to pass off as naked me, she needs to look a lot more like me. ½”. The latest news is that Hansika’s semi nude video has been making rounds all over. A morphed shower video has been doing rounds on web and Hansika seem to ignore things and decided herself not to react for such rumors.

Also Watch Hansika Bathroom Video

Sources say that Hansika is no way interested for such rumors and morphed videos and even she does not have enough time to talk about all these. However Hansika’s fans are just waiting for her to come out and take a step saying that the video is a morphed one. Let’s wait to see what happens next.

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