Gayakudu Movie Review Rating

Gayakudu Movie Review Rating

Cast: Ali Raza, Shriya Sharma
Director: Kamal G
Producer: G Veerendranath
Written By: Kamal G
Music Director: Roshan Salur
Back Ground Music (BGM): Roshan Salur
Editing: Praveen Pudi
Production Company:
Release Date: February 13th, 2015
CBFC Rating: U/A
Run Time: 147 Minutes Budget: 3 Crores 

Gayakudu Movie Review Rating

Gaayakudu is a youth film based on music and Ali Raza, Shriya Sharma played the main leads in the movie. Roshan Salur composed the music and the audio of the movie has been entertaining the audience. Therefore the expectations increased on the movie and the film has been produced by G Veerendranath on Dheeru Films banner. The movie has been releasing on February 20th with decent expectations.

Gayakudu Movie Audio Review

The music is said to be the highlight of the movie and the audio of the film composd by Roshan Salur is a decent hit among the movie lovers. The music of the movie increased the expectations on the movie and Ali Raza will be seen as a singer in the film. The movie has been releasing with good expectations on February 20th. Allari Naresh’s Bandipotu is also releasing all over tomorrow. We have to wait and see if Gaayakudu can make some impact at the box-office.

Gaayakudu  Movie Pre Release Business

Gaayakudu has made some good pre release business in all the areas and the movie has been sold for decent prices. Ali Raza and Shriya Sharma played the main leads in the movie which is said to be an engaging youth entertainer. The music of the movie along with the lead performances are said to be the highlights of the movie. The movie has been directed by Kamal G and it has been produced by G Veerendranath on Dheeru films banner.

Gaayakudu  Movie Censor Report

The movie has completed all the censor formalities and it received clean U certificate from the censor board without any cuts. Ali Raza and Shriya Sharma’s performances along with the music and the direction are said to be the highlights of the film. The expectations are decent on the movie and is expected to be a good entertainer. The movie has been planned for a small release all over and depending on the response, the makers are in plans to increase the theatre count.


Siddansh is an orphan as his mother leaves him after he was born. A Baba who sings songs on the roads takes care of Siddansh and he becomes a celebrity soon with his singing talent. Accidentally he becomes a friend of Akshara over the phone and she becomes a close friend to him. He realizes that she is a great fan of him and the rest of the movie is how Siddansh wins her love and how he balances his profession.

Plus Points

  • Both the lead actors have delivered a commandable performance.
  • The music composed by Roshan Saluri is a huge plus for the movie.

Minus Points

  • Story and the screenplay have been old fashioned.
  • The narration has not been impressive.
  • The comedy track could not impress the audience.
  • Repeated scenes in the second half and the predictable twists
  • Direction.

Final word

Except the lead pair’s performances and some melodious music, the movie has nothing to offer. You can completely ignore Gaayakudu.

Rating : 2/5