Future of Telugu Cinema’s Unity¬†

Telugu Cinema Industry right from the starting days is helping out people if they are into some natural calamity disasters.From the Regime of NTR and ANR they helped in Charity ways.Current Heros of Industry they even carry their regime into the same generation and putup Memu Saitam on their own shoulders.Nagarjuna , Chiranjeevi , Balakrishna and Venkatesh turned out on ‘Memu Saitam‘ event few days back and made it a huge success.

But the problem with present generation super stars is Un identified.Hero Mahesh babu has given a recorded video of his but didn’t even gave the Attendence in the live show.Pawan Kalyan has even didn’t attended the show or at least didnot provide a skit of his own.

Though Pawan Kalyan is the one who responded than all others and provided 50 Lakh amount to HudHud Relief fund but eventually when his own Film Industry is on a track of gaining things Pawan Kalyan needs to attend that but he wasn’t.So Where will be the Future of Telugu Cinema’s unity? whether its in the hands of NTR? PAWAN? Mahesh?…

Future of Telugu Cinema's Unity
Future of Telugu Cinema’s Unity


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