Final Collections of Karthikeya

Final Collections of Karthikeya

Karthikeya is a supernatural thriller which is directed by debutant Chandoo Mondeti where Nikhil and Swathi paired up for the second time after Swamy ra ra which is also a decent hit and even directed by Debutant director Sudhir Varma.Now a days young directors are coming up with new stories and new concepts unlike the routine comedy.

Karthikeya got huge response and even the returns are high compared with the investment which is 6Crores  and the return is 6.74 which in now a days no movie is getting even it is directed by star director and Hero,we can say it stood in first place competing with six movies.Generally some movies got hit even with a negative talk but this movie got collections and also Positive talk.

Here are the Final Collections of Karthikeya 

Nizam – 2.5 Crores

Uttarandhra – 0.85 Crores 

Guntur – 0.48 Crores

East -0.40 Crores

Nellore – 0.12 Crores

Ceeded – 0.8 Crores

Krishna – 0.35 Crores

 West – 0.24 Crores

Total Andhra Pradesh+Telangana – 5.74 Crores  

Karnataka – 0.35 Crores

Overseas : 0.65 Crores

Total Worldwide collections of Karthikeya is 6.74 Crores….,Nikhil now bagged two hits and raised his remuneration to 1Crore.

Final Collections of Karthikeya

Final Collections of Karthikeya

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