Facts behind Jagapathi babu’s Daughter marriage

Facts behind Jagapathi babu’s Daughter marriage

Jagapathi babu after disappearing for a long time from screen presence made his re-entry in a grand way and made his place settled as a professional villain. His role in Legend is a comeback for him which made him act in Bollywood films and maintain a ad campaign at this age.

His elder daughter Meghana recently got married to her boy friend a foreigner Chad Bowen who studied with her in college days. Jagapathi babu who realized the value of his family after few wrong steps he took decided not to say No for his daughter marriage proposal with her boy friend.

Facts behind Jagapathi babu's Daughter marriage

Speaking about this a close source from added Jagapathi words “Jagapathi Babu took time to inform that everything happened all of a sudden just because his family doesn’t want to let go a good muhurat. “As a result, I was unable to invite a lot of people dear to me. I couldn’t even give proper information to fans and Telugu film lovers. Forgive & Bless My Daughter,” he told, apart from expressing his happiness over conducting the big fat wedding in the presence of family.

Jagapathi babu is working on various projects these days and a bunch of films starring him as Villain are ready for release making him the most busiest actor of present south Indian film industry.

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