Current Teega Movie Review Rating

Current Teega Movie Review Rating

Cureent Theega Movie Review Rating

Movie :Cureent Theega

Cast : Manoj Manchu, Rakul Preet singh, Sunny Leone, Jagapathi Babu

Director : G. Nageswara Reddy

Story: G. Nageswara Reddy

Music : Achu

Cinematography : Satish Mutyala

Edited By : S.R Shekar

Producer : Manchu Vishnu

Production Banner: 24 Frames Factory

Budget : 14 crores 

Release date : 31-Oct-2014

Cureent Theega Movie Review Rating
Cureent Theega Movie Review Rating

Censor Report :

Manchu Manoj, Rakul Preet singh Starring in current teega movie and directed by G.Nageshwara Reddy.current teega movie has successfully completed the all censor formalities from the censor board and current teega movie was certified as ‘A’ grade movie because of sunny leone‘s item song Ley Ley Naa Raja.current teega movie there is only censor cut dialogue that is ‘Blackie’

Exceptations on Current Teega Movie

‘Cureent Theega Movie – High Voltage’ starring Manchu manoj, rakul preet, sunny leone, jagapathi babuwhich was written and directed by G Nageswara reddy will be relased on oct 30 2014.After Potugaadu Movie Manchu Manoj’s next film is Current teega Movie. Tollywood  Audience are Putting More Expectations on this movie because of Sunny Leone’s Item song and her character.This trailer got good responsea and Manchu manoj was in full swing to achieve the success.

Story starts showing parvathipuram which is a small village where disputes occur often and are solved by a Village head,in this movie Jagapathi babu Played the role of Shiva rama raju(Village head).Manchu Manoj is shown as a Village boy who maintains a gang and he is the president of VIP sangam i.e., Very Important Persons,as Shiva rama raju(Jagapathi babu) is a cruel and egoistic village head manoj hates him.

Rakul preet singh is shown as a 12th class student with uniform and Porn star Sunny Leone is teacher her action seems like its artificial.Love story begins between hero and heroine,then some comedy scenes.Manoj and Raku preet tries to run away……after some fights finally manoj saves heroine’s Favorite ox and this make her family happy about Manoj,Finally a happy ending.

Artists’s Performance:
sunny leone
performance was poor.

Jagapathi Babu played well.

Manchu Manoj as suited to the character well has done a good job.

Rakul Preet impresses with her cute expressions.

Positives: Comedy,songs,village Atmosphere.

Negatives: Dragging Second half.


Movie Rating: –2.5/5


Disclaimer : This review is an option of review writer.Please do not judge the movie based on this review and watch movie in theater


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