Comedian Venu Madhav Health In Problems 

Tollywood Top Comedian Venu Madhav is very famous for comedy characters in telugu films.Comedian Venu Madhav who is not appearing on screen from long back and not getting offers like before,He is going through a bad phase.

There are many rumors on this aspect that why is he not appearing all of a sudden without any reason,The reason in the minds of the people who spread the news is that he is having a big disease which is not letting him to do movies further

This are not just rumors,Yes venu madhav really suffering with some health problems.recently, he was seen in ‘Memu Saitham’ and all were shocked. They said it is not looking like slimness for health but some sickness.Though it is a personal thing, people are anxious to know about it because Venu is the most favorite comedian for many and they are concerned about his health.

Somehow, they are not in a position to believe what he is saying and are suspecting something is serious. Only Venu Madhav can clear the clouds.


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