chiru Vexed up with Power StarĀ 

When and Where ever a Mega Function happens the mega heroes becomes angry when they were asked about ‘Pawan Kalyan‘.The only thing the whole Mega Family is unable to handle and answer is ‘Where is Powerstar’.Varun Tej debut movie Mukunda audio launch is not an exception while Mega family faced the same even here.The same kind of chaos was seen there.Chiranjeevi who is well known for defaming this thing is unable to handle his angered tone all the way.

After hearing to a lot of Slogans of “We Want Power Star” Chiranjeevi this time lost his temper but still managed to cover it up.”Please Keep Quite and Stop it” He said it in a little anger way. ” Yes Pawan kalyan could not come and Varun told you earlier that he was held up in shooting and could not attend the audio release.

We should see it in a professional contest and respect it ” Every one before TV Sets managed to know how Chiru vexed up with Power Star on this issue as audience ask him everytime about pawan kalyan and made it as a fun counter for Pawan kalyan who never attends for anything regarding Mega Family.

chiru Vexed up with Power Star
chiru Vexed up with Power Star


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