Chiranjeevi vs Balakrishna 17 Movies Clash At Box Office

Chiranjeevi vs Balakrishna 17 Movies Clash At Box Office

Chiranjeevi vs Balakrishna 17 Movies Clash At Box Office 

All star heroes fans always fight about their stars about their movies, activities and other stuff. We are not in favor of any hero and not against any hero, but just as a common audience we gave this detailed review about the movies of balakrishna and Chiranjeevi which were released with only some days gap means like a battle at same time.

1. We are starting with Mangamma gari Manavadu directed by Kodi Rama Krishna which one of the best Movie of Balakrishna is till now competed with Chiru’s Intiguttu directed by Kovelamudi Bapayya and succeeded where the gap is only one day.

2. Sri Veerabramhendra Swamy directed by NTR with a devotional touch gave a hit to balakrishna whereas Agnigundam is a flop where the gap is 6 days but we can’t say that credit goes to balayya but also Senior NTR as he played a crucial role.

3. Kathanayakudu directed by P.Vasu which released in 1984 competed with Rusthum directed by A.Kodandarami Reddy where Kathanaykudu become hit and Rusthum is an average movie with a gap of 7 days.

4.  Muddula Kirshnayya directed by S.Gopal Reddy competed with Mega Star’s Maghadeerudu Vijaya Bapineedu comepeted with each other with 7 days gap in which Muddula Krishnayya won the battle.

5. Bhargava Ramudu directed by Kodandarami Reddy became hit and also mega star’s Donga Mogudu directed by Kadiri Venkata Reddy is also a hit which both the stars won the batter with a gap of 5 days.

6. Allari Krishnayya which is directed by Nandamuri Ramesh is an average hit where as Jebu Donga is a flop which is directed by A.Kodandarami Reddy both the movies didn’t fare well at the box offices which were released with 7days gap.

7. Balakrishna Ramu movie was a hit which is directed by A.C.Tirulokchandar and Pasivadi Pranam which is directed by A.Kodandarami Reddy was also hit and both fare well at box offices which were released with a gap of one week.

8. Pedannaya with a family sentiment was a hit directed by sharath and Hitler which is also a family sentiment movie was a hit which is directed by Muthyala Subbaiah released with a gap of 3 days. In both movies they played the role of brother well.

Chiranjeevi vs Balakrishna 17 Movies Clash At Box Office

9. Vamshoddarakudu movie is directed by Subbirami Reddy was an average hit whereas chiru’s Annayya directed by Muthayala subbaiah became a hit, so chirajeevi won the race where the gap between the release dates is 7 days.

10. Samarasimha Reddy is a movie of Bala krishna directed by B.Gopal became hit and Mrugaraju directed by Gunasekhar was a flop for chiranjeevi where they got released on same date and chiru lost in this battle.

11. Sensational Director’s (Kodi Rama Krishna) flick Anji which has got heavy CG works which remains as one of the flop and B Gopal’s all time hit Narasimha Naidu were got released by one day gap as well.

12. Inspector Pratap enacted by Balayya and Manchi Donga enacted by Chiranjeevi which were released by one day gap resulted in huge success. These two movies made the two top heroes embark one level up as mass heroes.

13. Muvvagopaludu Directed by Kodi Ramakrishna was a hit film where as Chakravarthi directed by Ravi Raja Pinisetty didn’t fare well at the box office turning into flop the gap between these movies release dates is 14 days.

14. Desoddharakudu enacted by ballaya and directed by S.S.Ravi chandran became hit where as Chantabbai of chirajeevi directed by Jandyala Subramanya Sastry which turned into flop but it is a silver screen hit I mean audience enjoy when it is played on small screen. The release date gap is 14 days.

15. Samarasimha Reddy is one the films by which fans increased for Balakrishna which fare well at box office giving a huge hit to Balayya,Sneham kosam directed by K.S.Ravi kumar became hit which were released with a gap of 12 days.

16. Bharyabarthala Bandham directed by VB Rajendra became hit where as chiru’s donga directed by A.Kodandarami Reddy released 14 days after the release of Balayya’s movie is an average film.

17. Nari Nari Naduma Murari directed by A.Kodandarami Reddy was blockbuster hit and Chiru’s Jagadheka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari became blockbuster hit directed by Raghavendra Rao also a blockbuster hit, both movies are remarkable movies of Balayya and Chiru like a mile stones. The gap is 12 days.

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