Charmi Slaps Her Fan In Public

Charmi Slaps Her Fan In Public

Talented actress Charmi is a known face in Telugu and she has scored some massive hits in Tollywood.She has acted almost with all the leading actors in Telugu and she is now slowly fading out as heroine.She has been facing tough competition from young actresses and Charmi is in search for offers currently.

The latest news about Charmi is that she has been present in an event for Hrudaya Foundation which is for a charity. She has been surrounded by crowds of fans at the event which made her tough to reach out the event.

Charmi slaps fan

One of her fan approached her asking for a photograph and the actress could not deny his request.However the young guy tried placing his hand on her back for which Charmi got angry. Continuing this,he gave an ugly smile to him which irritated her.

Losing control, Charmi gave a strong slap for him which left everyone in shock. She also told him to behave decently in public and respect the ladies. This situation has shocked everyone and Charmi revealed that she felt bad for his ugly behavior and so she gave a strong reply.

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