Celebrities React Emotional for Nirbhaya’s Documentary

Celebrities React Emotional for Nirbhaya’s Documentary

Our country has become the care of address for woman harassment and attacks on them.Nirbhaya rape episode has created a huge sensation not only in the country but also all over the world. The youth all over the country along with the parents have been demanding for a separate and strict law to eradicate the woman harassment and rapes in India. The recently released “India’s Daughter” has created huge impact all over and it is sure an eye opener for everyone.

Mukesh Singh who was one of the accused in Nirbhaya’s case expressed his views about rape and women in an interview which created huge sensation. There are lot of expressions for the video and some of our celebrities reacted in the following way through their official social networking accounts:

Samantha Ruth Prabhu:

(2/2) Ideally, they learn from it either way. #indiasdaughter. World’s largest democracy with a pitiful identity crisis

Rakul Preet:   

Stunned , moved,speechless after watchin d doc.so much anger in me. I am bad cos I Step out late?830pm?#IndiasDaughter ,such an eye opener

Shruti Haasan:  

So my character is bat girl because I move around in the night .. Lol #itsherfault #indiasdaughter #makeindiasafeforme24/7

Prakash Raj:   

Watched #IndiasDaughter in tears.. We Men of my country should hang our heads in shame … Shame on those who are banning this documentary


Watching #IndiasDaughter. Speechless!! More than the rapists, I am appalled at the statements made by their defence lawyers., SICK!!

Ram Gopal Varma:   

The fact that we can’t stop such heinous crimes in india is worse enough,so we shud atleast have the moral courage to accept it. I don’t know if politicos who banned india’s daughter are dumb or they think ppl are dumb or they are dumber to think ppl are dumb?

Mohit Suri:

Banning #IndiasDaughter is us shutting our eyes to the problem once again !This is us again ignoring the daughters of our country! Shameful

Arvind Swami: 

#IndiasDaughter gives an as is perspective. It tells u where we are and unless we acknowledge that, we will not know where we need to be.

Riteish Deshmukh:  

Disturbed after watching #IndiasDaughter, But glad i watched it. This is India’s shame, this is our shame, this is my shame-#DeathOfHumanity Shocked at the views of the lawyers. They need help. #GetWellSoonMamu #IndiasDaughter

Pony Verma:

Cursing the lawyer from the bottom of my heart hope he dies the worst death #IndiasDaughter

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