Balayya, Your Heart Is Gold’ayya

Balayya, Your Heart Is Gold’ayya

Many star actors who become very popular in the industry will bring their family members particularly children into industry. They not only introduce but also take care about their films and approval of projects. Till they get knowledge to take decisions on films, family members will guides. Also learns some acting tips to attract audience. But some will introduce their legacies but not keep child’s key with them. Balakrishna also comes to this category. Recently he announced some interesting statements over Mokshagna’s entry. That made clear about how he will play role in son’s film career.

“Even being a Legendry hero of the Telugu Film Industry my father hadn’t learnt any acting tips to me.So I will also continue the same” he said. This proves that Balakrishna will not interfere into son’s career.He may just guide how to select and what type should be shown exit gate but not makes his involvement in all the time. This says his confidence towards Moksha and also way of his parenting.

Balayya, Your Heart Is Gold'ayya

Not only on his successor’s issues, also in his own career also Balayya fallowed a formula that ‘Once taking decision going ahead is only right way’. When new director Sathyadeva was narrated a story to him, not thinking negative about debut said okay to act. Even in production time also film analysts predicted that film will not attract audience. But, Nandamuri hero didn’t went back, irrespective of profit and loss he only know to come forward by belief.

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