Balakrishna Naughty Side Reveled Video

Balakrishna Naughty Side Reveled video

Balakrishna is most energetic hero in theTollywood film industry. Being a senior hero he always competes with young talent. Molds body for fans and also changes body language for each of movie.He can dance excellent, act ultimate, say dialogues in incomparable manner. All these are one side of Balayya that is reel’s side. Where as in real life he maintains cool attitude with cool persons, chilled with girls, and also behaves angry with some others. Recently in 99th movie announcement press meet Nandamuri hero had a fun time with heroine Anjali. During their talks suddenly lion pinched actress’s hand.

She just shocked and also surprised with his unexpected behavior. Not only heroine the film unit and media persons were also shocked by seeing this. But it’s just a symbolism of his cool and friendly attitude not any other cunning thought involved behind this.

99th movie ‘Dictator’ is getting ready to hit floors. Team planned and also prepared perfect schedule for non-stop shooting schedule. Anjali is pairing up with Balayya for this project. Latest film ‘Lion’ become disaster, so that 99th project team taking more care over all elements. Legend recently announced that ‘even I’m busy with politics and public life but will not leave film industry and acting in movies’.

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