Balakrishna Nagarjuna Silent War at Memu Saitham Event

Nandamuri family and akkineni family both are very big heads for our telugu film industry.This Families shared a special bonding for many years but from last few years these two families maintaining the huge distance.

Yes,It is an open fact from last 2 Years balakrishna and Nagarjuna weren’t on good terms with each other.Sources says Akkineni Nagaeshwaro Ignored balakrishna In ANR’s birthday and then balakrishna took the responsibility of organizing  Star Night to raise funds for Flood victims and Sr NTR was given enough prominence here. Ignoring another Legend Nageswara Rao didn’t go down well with the Akkineni Family.

Balakrishna Nagarjuna Silent War at Memu Saitham EventBalakrishna Nagarjuna Silent War at Memu Saitham Event

Nagarjuna ignored Balakrishna’s daughter Marriage and Balakrishna didn’t pay homage to ANR when the veteran passed away. In recent Memu Saitham event also balakrishna participated  in different programs and Nagarjuna participated  in different programs but both are never faced each other in this event.

The two seniors deliberately avoided each other. No one knows when these differences will be resolved and when the bonding revives!



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