Baahubali (Bahubali) Movie Review Rating Collections – Prabhas,SS Rajamouli

Baahubali (Bahubali) Movie Review Rating Collections – Prabhas,SS Rajamouli

Industry’s evergreen project Baahubali was produced by Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni under Arka Media Works. Creator Rajamouli directed his father Vijayendra Prasads’ story. Prabhas played title (hero) role while Rana handled main villain role. Sweetie Anushka, Milky beauty Tamannah acted as heroines for two parts film. Ramya Krishna, Sathyaraj, Nassar, Adivi sesh, Prabhakar and others played main character roles in the historical film. Musical Magician MM Keeravani scored good tunes and background music a part from visual feast Baahubali will remain as a Musical sensation. The whole credit will be goes to MM only.Baahubali movie art director is Sabu Cyril one of the best art director in india and baahubali story written by ss rajamouli’s father v.vijayendra prasad and fights composed by peter hein for this movie.

BAAHUBALI Movie Characters Names

Prabhas =“Bahubali”

Anushka= “Devasena”

Thamanna= “ Avanthika”

Rana= “Bhallala Deva”

Naser= “Bijaladeva”

Ramya Krishna =” Sivagami”

Satyaraj= “Kattappa”

Sudeep= “Aslaam Khan”

Whole Indian Film Industry awaited most excited Baahubali now with people. The dream world of Rajamouli is on theatres at worldwide. It’s like a holy yagna done for more than two years finally output is now on public hand to judge it. In 100 years of IFI’s history it is the first movie fiction documentary movie which shot for more 2 years. It is only the regional film observed global craze international media like BBC, guardian and others had focus about a film. Prabhas, Rana’s hard work is now on live let see the preview of the magnum opus. It’s releasing in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and other few Indian languages.

It’s no need of saying about the pre production and production days of the film. Every moment of the project is observed huge craze. Thousands of creative and talented artists, technician from different parts of planet were worked hard for this project. We can simply say it will be real visual feast for everyone.

Baahubali Movie Censor Report

Poster of every character was observed good response. Trailers are still hitting thousands of views in YouTube still after weeks of release. Songs with historical flavor is rated high in recent albums. After watching the full movie of Baahubali the Censor board had given U/A for ‘Baahubali’ with out any cuts.The total run time of the film is 2 hours and 29 minutes. Baahubali has been made in 4K technology and is the first Telugu movie to release in Dolby Atmos.This baahubali movie is releasing more than 4000 theaters world widely.

Baahubali Movie Trailer Talk

Baahubali Movie Story Line

Coming to the preview of SS’s dream project there is a king in the kingdom of Mahismathi who had two sons. Suddenly ruler dies, afterwards time come for sons to take ruling responsibility of the kingdom.Elder brother (Rana) wants the power, for that he thought to kill younger brother’s family. He arranges persons to abduct brother’s family and kill. As per instructions criminals abduct Prabhas his pregnant wife (Anushka) takes the couple to a forest place and kills him. During the time only Anushka delivers a baby boy, killers thought that the child was dead and takes back his wife to made slave for the kingdom.

Some years after baby boy become young super strength person at some other place. In an unexpected way he came to knew about him and his family background by a young beautiful girl. After getting the information what he did and how the situations helped to survive him from birth to young age is? The person who caused to know about the history what is the relation between boy and the beauty and other unanswered points of the story to be watch in theatre.

As the big movie releasing more than 4000 screens worldwide is still not have availability of tickets for whole first week. But be patient to watch once in a life movie in silver screen only. Please don’t encourage piracy which loosing food for thousands of talented artist of Film Industry.

Baahubali (Bahubali) Movie Review Rating Collections - Prabhas,SS Rajamouli

Baahubali Movie Pre Business Details

Baahubali made nearly 120 crore pre-release business. It bagged all time high figure in satellite rights wise with whooping amount of Rs. 25 crore. Coming to expectations on the film, not only Tollywood but whole Indian film industry is waiting to see the historical project. From Amitabh Bachan to Rajinikanth all parts of country craze about Baahubali.

Top Reasons to Watch Baahubali Movie

  • The most awaiting movie for telugu viewers nearly for 3 years which is directed by SS Rajamouli, the famous and talented director Who gave big blockbusters like ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Eega’. So their is no doubt on his talent of
    historical fiction films.
  • The first reason to watch baahubali is budget of 2.5 billion spent on this movie(Approx 250 crores).
    Bahubali movie is ready to hit the screens with the very huge star cast never seen in tollywood or indian cinema on screen and this movie managed to cover almost all actors and actress who are a great character artcists
    in Telugu,Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam,Kannada and the base of the story will be elevated very castly with this great star cast including Ramya krishna , Nasser,Satya Raj, Kicha Sudeep, Prabhakar, and many well known actors.
  • Best cinematographer in telugu industry none other than KK Senthil Kumar and this is the one of the best reason you can see in trailers to watch bahubali movie.
  • The film will shot using Arri Alexa XT camera, the digital camera which was launched in 2010 and was  marked Rajamouli’s first film using digital camera.
  • The film is simultaneously being made in Telugu and Tamil languages.There will be dubbed versions in Hindi and Malayalam.To gave the original view to the film, more than 25 renown artists and with over 15000 sketches and endless man hours spent on the movie that took almost one year in the pre-production of the movie to make it practically visible on the screen.
  • The VFX (Visual effects) used in the movie will be the most pricey VFX used in India. The graphic design ,
    modelling and special effects are used to gave the movie the realistic look of the medieval period.
    The war scenes are shot extremely well in Ramoji film city for almost 3 to 4 months with huge artists and the graphics they have used in this movie are of very high quality and the post production work is being done
    very fast and quality manner the set era videos the hard work of more than 2000 on set and off set technicians have really done marvelous job for this great out and this is one of the reason to watch this movie.
  • The audio rights of the film in Telugu and Tamil languages were snapped up by Bengaluru-based audio company Lahari Audio.Sources said the company is paying Rs 3 crore for the nine songs of the film.This is the highest ever for any Telugu or Tamil film individually or collectively.
  • Baahubali also one of the few films featured in BBC’s documentary on 100 Years of Indian cinema directed by Sanjeev Bhaskar.The world’s largest film poster ever made was unveiled in Kochi for the film Baahubali which broke the guinness world record. The film has been described as India’s version of Troy, 300 or Hercules.
  • Various compliments from different  International News channels even before the movie release “Baahubali to become India’s most expensive film”. The Guardian (London). “Telugu Film ‘Baahubali’ Claims To Have Set Record With World’s Largest Poster”. Huffingtonpost – New York (Kochi) “‘Bahubali,’ India’s Most Expensive Movie Ever, Gears Up for Launch”.The Hollywood Reporter “Tollywood epic Baahubali to be most expensive Indian film ever”. The National (Abu Dhabi, UAE).”NDTV News: “Baahubali, a 250 Cr Film, is Being Compared to Hollywood Blockbuster 300″”
Here are the reasons why everyone should watch Baahubali
  • It is the historical fiction film which comes once in life time.
  • High budget film world class technology used to make the project.
  • Rajamouli’s dream project worked more than 2 years to complete shoot.
  • It is surely visual feast for everyone most of scenes are done with CG work.
  • A Telugu film for the first time observed whole planet’s attention.

Baahubali Movie Positive Points

  • Visual Effects
  • Art Work
  • Cinematography
  • War Scenes
  • Rana,Prabhas and few characters performance

Baahubali Movie Negative Points

  • Snail Paced Narration
  • Too much of inspiration
  • No Thrilling Scenes
  • Routine Story
  • Anushka has nothing much to do in the film as her character will be revealed only during the second part.
  • could have been trimmed to decrease the run time

Final Word

Pride of Telugu Cinema

Rating 3.75/5

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