Avunu 2 Movie Review And Rating – Ravi Babu

Avunu 2 Movie Review And Rating – Ravi Babu

Avunu 2 movie is directed by creative director Ravi Babu who was directed Avunu Movie Part one,This movie is producing by Ravi babu and D.suresh babu jointly on Flying Frogs banner.This movie world widely distributed by suresh movies under suresh production company.This movie music composed by young and talented music director (Background Music) Sekhar Chandra.Avunu 2 movie staring are Harshvardhan Rane,Poorna,sanjana and Nikita Thukral main characters in this movie.Avunu 2 movie total budget is less than 2 crores and ready to hit big screen on 3rd April 2015,releasing in more than 600 theaters both Andhra pradesh and Telangana.

About Avunu 2 Movie

Talented Director Ravi babu’s upcoming movie Avunu 2 is a super hit movie Avunu sequel.Avunu 2 is a Telugu horror thriller film.Avunu movie collected good collections at box office and now this sequel is coming up with huge expectations.Avunu part one hero heroines Harshvardhan Rane and Poorna are again playing main lead roles in this movie.Actor cum director Ravi babu also playing a key role in this movie.

Avunu 2 movie review Rating

Unknown Facts About Avunu 2 Movie Director Ravi Babu

  • Ravi babu is son of well known senior actor Chalapathi Rao
  • Ravi Babu Directed 11 Movies In telugu
  • Anasuya,Amaravathi,Nachavule and Avunu Movies are super hit movies for Ravi Babu Career
  • Worked as a Story and Dialogues writer for 6 movies in telugu
  • Produced 3 movies that is Allari,Anasuya and Avunu movies
  • Worked as Cinematographer for short film that name is python 357.
  • Acted in More than 30 films
  • First Film Career started with Love story 1999 released in 1998

Avunu 2 Movie Trailer Talk 

Ravibabu’s latest movie Avunu2 all set to release on 03rd April 2015. Being a horror movie which is sequel to ‘Avunu’ fans have high expectations on latest one. ‘Avunu’ is a simple story with good screen play narration the same is going to show in latest film also. When we see into first part of movie once, a new married couple shifts to a new flat. After some days a spirit starts troubling couple, neighbor house boy who can see spirits alerts the family but they ignores. Later on with serial incidents family realizes that spirit was true and he was worked as labor of building, killed by other labors. In spirit attack newly married husband injures severely, admits in hospital. Spirits not leaves the couple, it fallows to hospital also.

Avunu 2 Movie Censor Report

Actor and director Ravi babu‘s most awaiting horror thriller movie Avunu which is released in 2012 and after 3 years now ravi babu again comes with the Sequel of Avunu 2 Movie.This movie is ready release worldwide on April 3rd 2015.Recently this movie has been completed all censor formalities after CBFC board has given ‘A’ rating to this movie with minor cuts. Avunu 2 movie running time is 107 Minutes .

Avunu 2 movie Censor Cuts

Highlights of Avunu 2 Movie

  • Sequel of super hit horror movie Avunu
  • Ravi babu’s 11th Movie as director
  • Very low budget movie with very high expectation
  • Graphic work and Technology
  • Actress Poorna Hot Glamour
  • Suspense with comedy Formula always hit
  • Released in more than 600 Theaters
  • CBFC Rating ‘A’

Well, coming to sequel, spirit still troubles the family and they faces many problems like earlier. Couple will knew why spirit fallowing them only, and how they are going to solve the problem. This is main story line of the movie. Keeping audience expectations in mind we hope Ravi babu worked hard to serve more interesting and horror flick with good suspense screen play. Let see what will happen. We wish ‘Avunu2’ team a very all the best to beat success.

Plus Points
  • Poorna Performance
  • Extraordinary Cinematography
  • Graphics
  • Latest Technology
  • Background Music
  • Horror Thriller
Minus Points
  • Story Line
  • Dragged Narration
  • Unnecessary Scenes
  • Weak Editing
Final Word

Not a Bad Film,You can Enjoy the Horror

Rating 2.75/5

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