Auction sale of Balayya’s Bike and car

Auction sale of Balayya’s Bike and car

Don’t panic! Balayya not came across a situation where he is selling his bike and car.Craze for the things used by actors in movie increased where from Simhadri sword to Maghadeera costumes and weapons,people are going crazy about their heroes and heroines.Even so many sites are running on ┬áthis point,like not the real costumes which the heroine wore but the replicas of the heroines.

As the heroines wear Manish Malhothra designs,normal people can’t afford,But coming to heroes their weapons which were used were perfect for Auction sale.

Previously sword used in Simha movie owned by Balayya fans Venkat Garikapati and Jitendra for 5lakhs.Now it is about the bike and car which was used in Legend.Expectations are high that it will get more money than the sword as the craze is high and Boyapati sreenu said previously in an interview that the bike was specially designed for Balayya.I think Rajamouli started this Auction sale trend in TFI,Now boyapati seenu,Let’s see who will win in this Auction sale of Balayya’s Bike and Car.

Auction sal eof Balayya's Bike and Car

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