Actress Rambha Loses Rs 4.5 Crores Jewellery

Actress Rambha Loses Rs 4.5 Crores Jewelry

Rambha was one of the most talented and promising actress in the previous generation. She has acted with all the leading actors in her career and she ruled Tollywood during the 90s along with Ramya Krishna. She got married to a businessman and left movies thereafter.

The latest news is that Rambha’s jewellery worth Rs 4.5 crores have been missing. Going into the news, Rambha’s brother Srinivas has filed a complaint in Banjara Hills Police station and he alleged that his wife has stolen the jewellery of his sister.

Actress Rambha Loses Rs 4.5 Crores Jewelry

Srinivas has separated with his wife Pallavi some months ago and during the occasions and marriages, they used to borrow the jewellery from Rambha. However after borrowing from them last time, the family did not return and they remained unavailable to respond said Srinivas.

He has filed a complaint on his wife Pallavi, her sister Shanthi Singh Chauhan and Samyuktha who are involved in this crime. After their separation, Pallavi and her family are not allowing him to meet his son revealed Srinivas. Rambha who has borrowed her jewellery remained unavailable to comment.

After Srinivas, Pallavi took her turn and filed a dowry harassment case on Srinivas, Rambha and their parents which left everyone in shock.Let’s wait to see how this case will turn out.

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