Actress Paints Modi and Obama on Her Bare Body

Actress Paints Modi and Obama on Her Bare Body

Actress Paints Modi and Obama on Her Bare Body

The bond between India and the USA has been becoming strong in the recent times and this made US President Barak Obama visit India during the 66th Republic Day. The whole world has been watching the fast developments except the neighbouring countries Pakistan and China.

There happened to be some important discussions between the leaders and as per the latest update, all seems to be well with the recent agreements. Many celebrities and politicians have been watching these with a keen eye. Ukrainian model Nataliya Kozhenova has gone flat for the recent interactions between the leaders.


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She stepped ahead and she got the pictures of Narendra Modi and Barak Obama painted on her bare back. When asked her about this, she said that she respects Indian culture and tradition and the strong bonding between two great leaders of the world made her paint the pictures of them on her back.

She also said that she has not been doing this for any publicity or to become popular, but she has immense love towards these leaders and for those countries.

Nataliya also revealed that Modi and Obama are political superstars. Nataliya said that she has been excited for the painting and it received great response all over.

The most interesting thing is that US President Barak Obama has broken the protocol by spending more than two hours in a Republic Day function which has been against their laws.